Meet the Backline Artists

FALL 2019



Bravo is a young R&B/Pop artist on a mission to touch as many lives as possible through his music. A lifelong singer, he spent 3 years developing himself into the artist he is today while going through college. He dropped out of school in 2018 with the goal of building a presence and sound that provides solace for his listeners. With a voice and personality that cuts through the clutter of music being released each day, Bravo’s plan is to bring flavor, soul & purpose to popular music.

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Immortal girlfriend

Immortal Girlfriend is a production duo and retro/electronic band made up of brothers William and Kevin Bush. The duo started producing for other artists while simultaneously debuting as a performing band in 2017. Their sound blends elements of RnB, electro, pop, and alternative rock.



Sam Ahmed, also known as WebsterX. WebsterX delivers a sound that rides a fine line of genres, experimenting with elements of hip-hop/rap, indie rock, and electronic. Spreading positivity through his community, WebsterX is a co-founder of a creative focused, youth organization called Freespace.


Kaylee Crossfire Headshot.jpg


Kaylee Crossfire is a singer/songwriter/rapper. The multi-talented diva has toured throughout the U.S. promoting her music independently and has created an amazing buzz that continues to grow. Kaylee has appeared in commercials, tv series such as Chicago PD, and opened for artists like Tink and Snow Tha Product. Kaylee also created the annual Female Takeover Showcase in Milwaukee, an event that shines a light on the many talented female artists and business owners in her community.


Klassik wears many hats: rapper, soul man, producer, multi-instrumentalist, collaborator, mentor, keeper of the American songbook. As Klassik prepares his latest full-length effort, he is now poised to make his musical mark on a much larger stage, having grown and matured through trauma and challenges to a point of introspection and understanding that is as transparent as it is emotive and special.  A true class act, Klassik works to stir the souls of listeners into action with empathy, passion, and purpose through his own self-reflective sonic art.

Klassik’s grant was generously supported by Lyft.



Milwaukee-by-way-of-Texas sister-duo REYNA (Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela Banuelos) first appeared in 2016 with their glorious debut single ‘Spill Your Colors’ and which attracted over 20K streams on the first day. It was clear to see REYNA were onto something much bigger. No strangers to the music scene, the sisters previously found success with their former project, Vic & Gab. In 2011, their track “So Long So Tired” found its way to music supervisors at MTV and was used on their hit US series ‘Skins.’

Mary Louise Mussoline Backline Artist*

Fall 2018

zed kenzo

Alternative Hip-Hop/Rap Artist & Producer

Zed Kenzo discovered their passion for art and music early. They started playing classical piano and singing in church choir by age seven. Zed quickly developed a brain and ears built for songwriting and production.

Their influences span decades and genres and include; 90s hip hop and R&B, early 2000s indie, dance and post-hardcore music, among others. With such an eclectic musical vocabulary, Kenzo’s music creates space to tastefully crossover genes while maintaining its unique and distinct sound, and ability that translates clearly to her live show. Learn more about Zed’s experience in Backline here.

crystal knives

EDM Producer and Songwriter

Crystal Knives (born Spencer Mutsch), the 22-year-old jazz drummer turned electronic producer and songwriter, has quickly become one of the hottest up and coming artists in the midwest. His passion for melody and pop music illuminates through his production sound and style which has gained the attention of many listeners and industry watchdogs alike.

Over the past few years, Crystal Knives has performed shows all across America with notable large festival performances in the midwest (Spring Awakening, Jawbreaker, North Coast) and further afield. Learn more about Spencer’s time in Backline here.

abby jeanne

Songwriter, Singer, and Producer

Abby Jeanne is a songwriter, singer, and producer. To date she has released two full-length projects, “Rebel Love” and “Music Box Dancer,” both to local critical acclaim. Abby personally describes her music as "rock n’ roll with a dreamers soul," and she hopes that her music and poetry guide listeners into her transcending reality. Learn more about Abby’s experience in Backline here.

lex allen

Soul/Pop Artist and Songwriter

Lex Allen is a Soul Pop singer/songwriter that connects all ages, genders, genres and races at his over the top emotional roller-coaster of a live show. Lex creates musical space for those who need something to help through the hurt and connects with those who need to hear something inspiring to help them see their self worth. He makes music for that 5 AM listener who needs something loud and maybe a little ratchet to get them through their day. Allen’s music breathes love and liberation.  Learn more about Lex’s experience in Backline here.

Mary Louise Mussoline Backline Artist*

*The Mary Louise Mussoline Fellow honors the memory of former Radio Milwaukee Executive Director Mary Louise Mussoline, who’s commitment to social justice and community still lives on through the station. The artist selected as Fellow displays a similar commitment to a greater good within their community.