Backline is generously funded by community members who believe that a growing music scene is important to Milwaukee’s cultural vibrancy. Our corporate partners include:

A special thank you to our individual supporters, including Lynde Uihlein, Sarah and Steve Zimmerman, Christie and Bill Krugler, Kyle and Ruthie Weatherly, John Crouch, Kelly Fitzsimmons, Kate Wilson, John and Brigid Miller, Gary Reynolds, Ross and Angela Williams, Josh and Sandi Adams, Ignacio and Susan Catral, Juli Kaufmann, C.J. and Julie Krawczyk, Eric Resch and Melissa Perez, Patrick Guarasci, Jeff Rusinow, Lacey Sadoff, The Maihaugen Foundation and The Meier Family Foundation. 

Bentoff Communications and the Hal Leonard Corporation are providing in-kind support. 

One of the Backline artists will be the recipient of the Mary Louise Mussoline Fellowship, named in memory of Radio Milwaukee’s late executive director.

Backline is seeking additional donors and corporate partners. If you are interested in partnership opportunities, please email